What is Platelet Rich Plasma or ‘PRP’?

Platelet Rich Plasma or ‘PRP’ contains a concentrated sample of your own blood, with high amounts of your own natural growth factors.

PRP injections have been used more recently for aesthetic and sexual health, after decades of use for injuries and wounds. This is the exciting new area called, ‘regenerative medicine’. Natural substances, such as your body’s own growth factors are used to stimulate healing and health. These treatments are for healthy adults with ongoing medical care by their own outside physicians.

What is PRP Injection for Sexual Health?

For sexual health of men and women, we offer PRP treatment as one or a series of injections over a few weeks. Patient satisfaction is high with these treatments. Some improve their sexual responsiveness or sensation. Some men report also more firmness or size. However individual results vary as with any treatment.

We call this the Phaze shot for short. Some use a nick name like’P shot’ for men, to mean ‘penis shot’. Women may call this an ‘o shot’, for orgasm or ‘Opis’ the greek goddess. Platelet rich plasma has names that come and go, but PRP has a variety of treatment uses, over many decades.

Risks include pain, infection, bleeding, scars, or unforeseen risks. These are very rare and usually temporary as PRP injection uses your own blood with very fine needles. Alternatives include surgery, or doing nothing at all. Contact us here to schedule your consultation!

What is combination therapy with PRP?

As in most medical treatments, ‘combination therapy’ gives best results. This is where a patient receives PRP injections here by our M. D. The patient then may add or continue sexual health therapies by their own outside physician, such as’ED’ treatments.

For women, combining PRP injections with Thermiva may yield best results. Thermiva is a non-surgical radiofrequency treatment for female rejuvenation. Thermiva can tighten lax tissues, alone or with PRP. See here for Thermiva Female Rejuvenation

What can I expect after treatment?

We advise 1 day of sexual abstinence. Use tylenol for any mild pain. No aspirin. Use 5 minutes of firm pressure if any slight bleeding. Patients that elect one injection, may repeat PRP injections at 6-12 months to maintain benefits.

Many patients report results in several days to weeks. Most patients benefit from combination therapy listed above, with best results in several weeks. Individual results may vary. No guarantee of result is made. Contact us here to schedule your consultation!

No guarantee of results is made or implied. Individual results may vary. Some photos may contain models, not practice patients. All sales final. Other terms may apply, inquire.