Also known as a “fat grafting,” fat transfer is a procedure designed to recontour the face or body with fat taken from the patient’s own problem areas of the body, usually the stomach area. Fat grafting is a natural method to restore volume and reshape any problem areas you may have. Fat grafting is an outpatient procedure that takes about one to two hours. For small areas, only a hand held suction device may be needed for the surgery, whereas world class and high safety power instrumentation is also used by Dr Thaker for liposuction.

The best part about liposuction may be that the fat can be used for fat grafting to areas where the patient desires enhancement, such as hollow points on the face, or the breast or buttocks. Also, it is this very same fat tissue removed by liposuction, that is thought by some to contain regenerative cells or ‘stem cells’. This is one of the greatest areas of current medical research and development, as well as public interest. The harvest fat thus can provide structure to other areas of the body, once removed from the problem areas by liposuction.

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