What is buccal lipectomy?

Buccal lipectomy is cosmetic surgery to partially remove fat pads from the lower cheeks, which can contribute to a rounded or chubby appearance of the face. During buccal lipectomy, we make small incisions inside the mouth to remove the fat pads. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and takes under an hour to complete.

Who is a candidate for buccal lipectomy?

We select patients for buccal lipectomy who have excess fat in the lower cheeks. Patients should overall be healthy and have realistic expectations for this procedure. Removing too much fat can give a gaunt or aged appearance, so conservative fat removal is ideal for predictable results.

What are buccal lipectomy results?

Buccal lipectomy is recommended for patients who have a round or chubby appearance in the lower part of the face and desire a more angular, sculpted appearance. We carefully measure and remove a conservative amount of fat to avoid a hollow appearance. We produce natural-looking results to improve the overall balance and proportion of the face. There is minimal down time after surgery. Complications are uncommon and include as with any surgical procedure, risks such as bleeding, infection, nerve damage, dissatisfaction or asymmetry. The results of buccal lipectomy are typically permanent, as the fat pads that are removed do not regenerate. The results are natural and subtle compared to face lift. Contact us here for an appointment.

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