Laser tattoo and hair removal

Laser tattoo removal with the amazing Astanza Trinity Lasers, specifically designed for tattoo removal.

Laser hair removal with Candela Gentlemax Pro with both Alexandrite and Yag lasers, skin pigment treatment and hair removal to highest industry standards.

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Body Countouring and Rejuvination

Body contouring with lasers, Sculpsure, fat freezing, ‘cryolipolysis’ and other medically validated techniques for body shaping and focused fat loss.

Female rejuvination with ThermiVa, by state of the art radiofrequency treatment.

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Medical services and aesthetic treatments

Medical services including hormone replacement therapy, medically supervised weight loss.

Botox, facial fillers, thread lifting, volumizing threads, Vampire face lift, platelet rich plasma/ PRP, IV treatments and more.

O-shot, P-shot, and Thermiva female rejuvination, regarding sexual well being.

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Phaze- a premiere Las Vegas cosmetic spa and medical practice

The all new Phaze Laser Med Spa is a medical practice featuring cosmetic spa services, laser treatments, and more.  Call 702.545.0660 for appointments Tue- Sat 10a-6p.  Full service hours coming soon.

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Appointments Tue- Sat 10a-6p.  Full service hours coming soon.


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