What is Body Contouring

Body contouring is changing the shape of the body to a more pleasing appearance. We remove fat from problem areas such as love handles, abdomen, flanks, ”banana rolls” below the bikini and other areas. At Phaze, we offer our clients both surgical liposuction by Dr Thaker to accomplish this, or non surgical body contouring. Contact us here to schedule your consultation with our staff!

Surgical Body Contouring

Dr. Thaker offers the world’s safest liposuction method, ‘tumescent liposuction’, which he learned in personal training from its inventor, Dr Klein. This means no dangers from general anesthesia or IV sedation. The patient is awake and comofortable during liposuction. Read more about liposuction here.

Perhaps most exciting about liposuction, is that we transfer the fat to enhance other areas. Popular areas include the buttocks, breast, or face, if the patient elects ‘fat transfer’.

Non-surgical Body Contouring

Non surgical options include SculpSure Laser Lipolysis or ”warm sculpting” where the world’s first FDA cleared laser is used to permanently destroy fat cells in problem areas. Read more about SculpSure laser here.

Other non surgical options include Coolsculpting, ultrasound cavitation, and EMS (electromagnetic) technology for body contouring, all in our private and comfortable Las Vegas offices. Finally, any of these methods can be combined for a total result of natural beauty.

What does Body Contouring Cost?

Non surgical options begin at a few hundred dollars with financing available for more involved procedures for staff such as liposuction and fat transfer. Remember, body contouring is a safe and life long investment in yourself!

Is Body Contouring painful?

Non surgical methods range from painless to readily tolerable for most patients. Surgical options are under careful control regarding pain and bleeding by Dr Thaker, using our safe tumescent liposuction. Thus, most patients do not find body contouring painful and the results can last a life time.

Body Contouring Results

Most patients see results in a few weeks for body contouring. With surgery, we produce definite results for our patients in as fast as a few days for healing. See our gallery here. Contact us here to schedule your consultation with our staff!

No guarantee of results is made or implied. Individual results may vary. Some photos may contain models, not practice patients. All sales final. Other terms may apply, inquire.