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PRP and regenerative medicine for hair loss

Q: What are PRP and regenerative medicine for hair loss?

A: Natural growth factors are made by platelets and found in your own plasma. We centrifuge or ‘spin’ a small sample of your own blood, to concentrate your natural growth factors. This is called ‘platelet rich plasma’ or ‘PRP’, and is an exciting part of regenerative medicine.

We inject this growth factor rich plasma into the scalp to stimulate existing hair follicles, or even grow new hair for many patients, in a 45-minute procedure.

Q: Are PRP and regenerative medicine new?

A: Dr Thaker has taught hundreds of doctors from around the world, his well-regarded regenerative medicine treatments. This includes growth factor injections to treat hair loss, and various other medical and cosmetic uses. Even some physicians believe PRP is a new technique, whereas it has been used clinically for decades in wound healing, bone healing, joint treatment, and for cosmesis of the skin and hair.

Dr Thaker first used PRP during his medical and surgical training in the late 1990s. Some uses are still considered investigational. Others are more developed as an emerging or new technology. Other uses still are well established, such as for joint pain, certain elbow or knee diagnoses.

Many patients after plasma injections continue hair restoration by hair transplant surgery by Dr Thaker, whereas others prefer injections as a non-surgical solution.

Q: Are Natural growth factors safe?

A: This treatment is one of the safest of all options for hair restoration, with minimal risk of significant complication. After all, it is a localized injections of your own blood! The concentrated plasma then disperses into your blood stream right back from where it came. Bleeding, infection, pain or numbness or other complications are rare and brief in our experience.

PRP can also be used for the treatment of thinning hair instead of surgery, or along with hair restoration surgery. Surgical transplantation is often combined with regenerative medicine or ‘PRP’ to stimulate hair graft growth and retention. We inject PRP into areas of concern on the scalp, to maximize growth of the grafts, and to aid recovery of the ‘donor site’. Remember, each individual only has so many usable donor hairs. Thus, we support the growth of hair grafts by using PRP.

Q: How long does it take for the growth factors to start working?

A: The treatment tends to quickly improve hair follicles already in the growth phase, in several days to weeks. New hair growth also occurs for many patients from follicles in the resting phase, which can take weeks to months. Many see improved hair thickness, strength, color, or handling characteristics. The odds are excellent that at least one if not several aspects will improve for you, but individual results do vary and can not be guaranteed.

Q: Do Growth factors help new hair growth?

A: Recent research studies have shown that growth factor hair restoration procedures are a safe and effective treatment for many patients. Over 80% of patients in a recent study experienced increased hair counts and improved hair appearance. We note that improvement may include thickness, density, color as well as new hair growth, within several weeks to months of treatment.

Q: How many treatment sessions will you need?

A: We advise treatments every 2-4 weeks for at least 3 sessions. Many patients want 5+ sessions which is also offered. Most patients will boost and maintain their results by repeating at 4-6 months or even annually.

Q: Where does treatment take place?

A: Our superior Las Vegas facility, Phaze Laser Med Spa, is a location of Thaker Cosmetic and Wellness. Our location is a modern, state-of-the-art medical spa and wellness center conveniently located in Summerlin. Our team is led by cosmetic surgeon and regenerative medicine expert Dr. Reuben Thaker. We utilize the most advanced technologies available to provide exemplary aesthetic and wellness solutions for a broad variety of cosmetic and wellness needs.

Q: Does PRP or hair transplant surgery hurt?

A: Lidocaine is an injected or topically applied anesthetic that can reduce the pain of PRP injections. We also use very fine gauge needles. Many patients have never seen needles this small and precise previously. After PRP procedures, usually acetaminophen (tylenol) is the most that is needed, if anything.

We perform hair transplant surgery using different kinds of lidocaine injections primarily. For surgery we create ‘nerve blocks’ and ‘ring blocks’ around where we are working. ‘Tumescence’ is an additional method where we inject below the scalp to minimize pain and bleeding. Both procedures are usually very well tolerated. Ironically hair surgery is often no more painful than PRP, a non surgical procedure. This is owing to the various anesthetic blocks.

Q: Which is better, PRP or Hair Transplant Surgery?

A: The best results are obtained by combining PRP and hair transplant surgery. PRP is a great option for people who want to see what can be achieved short of surgery, or people who are not surgery candidates. PRP also offers the advantage that it can be used in any area of the scalp. We advise usually 3-5 PRP sessions.

Hair transplantation is simply the ideal treatment overall. Hair transplantation is one of the most significant changes in all of cosmetic surgery for many patients. It can dramatically change someone’s life and appearance for the better. Dr Thaker uses atraumatic techniques, minimal handling of the delicate bulbs of hair follicles, as well as PRP with surgery. These are key aspects of our hair transplants which allow us to maximize graft growth and your cosmetic result.

For those who want hair transplantation, we combine PRP and surgery, usually on the day of the surgery. Complete this PDF for New Patients and to learn more about hair restoration with Dr Thaker.

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Dr Thaker offers PRP for hair loss for any areas of the scalp for men and women.


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