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Body contouring basics


Body contouring is altering body shape, for a more attractive appearance.

Warm sculpting versus cool sculpting. Whats the difference? Cool sculpting uses cryolypolysis or ”fat freezing” to target fat deposits at love handles, belly, and other areas. It is a technology many decades old that became popular less than ten years ago. It typically is not for body contouring of ‘obese’ patients, that is, someone who is very over weight.

‘Warm sculpting’ is a nick name mostly used for Sculpsure by Cynosure. This is an actual laser , actually four laser heads, that targets fat deposits. It is more a newer non surgical body contouring technology, that is versatile and some say more effective for non surgical fat reductions.

Liposuction is surgical fat removal and the ages old competitor to the newer technology above. The safest method avoids ‘sedation’ or putting the patient to sleep, and limits the number of areas and volume of fat removed in one session. This safe method is the only liposuction that we utilize, as it is both safest and most effective for surgical fat removal by liposuction.

In addition there are new medications that are for ‘weight loss’, when combined with diet and exercise. This is distinct from target fat loss from liposuction or warm sculpting or cool sculpting.

Im pleased to offer my patients all safe options for their treatment goals, whether surgical, non surgical, or medical options. I believe by being one of few surgeons to offer all of the options, I can best customize a plan to meet the goals of each patient.


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