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A skin care routine for everyone..

What should I be doing every day for skin care in Las Vegas to keep my skin healthy? I am often asked this and the answer is a combination of behavior, nutrition, and medical skin care.

Regarding behavior, it is really a list of donts: don’t smoke or frequent smoking environments, don’t drink alcohol to excess, and don’t get excess sun exposure. All can decrease the elasticity and youthfulness of skin.

Nutrition and hydration are also key, especially for skin care in Las Vegas, here in the Mojave Desert. Drinking adequate water, several 8oz glasses of water daily for most healthy adults, and eating a balanced diet rich in nutrients and low in processed foods. Diet is key to skin care and a life long habit from childhood to develop or maintain.

Last on our maintenance list, ‘cosmeceuticals’ or physician-offered products. These can heal and maintain skin health from the outside in, for healthy skin. A zinc-based sunscreen can be combined with a night time moisturizer for everyone. To accelerate skin turnover and yield youthful skin, people use an agent such as retinol most often. Here in the desert, or as an alternative for acne, salicylic acid can be used. These can then be combined with ‘HA’ or hyaluronic acid or Vitamin C or many other products.

This is the core of a maintenance program for skin care in Las Vegas. Whereas we offer esthetic treatments for immediate improvement of color, scars, elasticity, sagging, or other skin problems. For these problems we offer laser skin resurfacing and tightening, IPL photo facials, radiofrequency skin tightening, chemical peels, microneedling, PRP and other services.

For an individualized plan for skin care in Las Vegas, be sure to visit our medical practice to speak to our licensed aestheticianss for a plan just for you. See our results here: Gallery


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